Dialogue Tales: The Last Train

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“The last train is in 20 minutes. If I leave now I will just about make it.”

“No you won’t, the station is miles away and you don’t drive.”

“It’s fine, I’ll run.”

“You still won’t make it.”

“I’ll get taxi.”

“With what money?”

“I don’t care, I’ll get a taxi to Oxford if I have to.”

“Don’t be stupid.”



“I have to see you.”

“There’s nothing for you here.”

“Nothing for me here.”

“Damned if you come.”

“Damned if I stay.”

“You can call me next week if you need to.”

“I’m leaving right now. I’m already walking.”

“Well…..you’ve got a long journey ahead of you.”

Created: Apr 06, 2014


Emma Nooney Document Media