Jumping Castles – Part One (of I’m not sure how many, but these par...

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[title cont: ...ts are rambling thoughts from the past few days)]

I went to the carnival with the boy. And let me tell you: There were jumping castles everywhere. And jumping castles – when inflated – always bring about smiles. Despite being the older one, I was the one taking the rides…

“Just look around at this place. Jumping castles are everywhere! And most of them look like so much fun to play on!” “Yeah, plenty of jumping castles in the sea; in this swimming pool.” “And I just know that more of them are going to pop up, like magic mushrooms!” “Now you’re hallucinating.” “Pass me my banjo.” “Oh no. Fuck. Don’t sing.” “Do you believe in hallucinations…” “Stop it. Besides, that’s not really a banjo song.”

“But it’s Angels & Airwaves.”

“What about your airwaves. Where has she gone?”

(shrugs shoulders in clueless fashion)


“The Who?”

“Can she ever be just The What?”

“Anything is possible if you are willing to try. To be willing to fly. And fall. And I ain’t no deer in the headlights.”

Created: Apr 06, 2014

Tags: attempt, castles, bouncing, jumping

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