Dear Dr. Smith

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Dear Dr. Smith, 

Firstly I would like to remind you that I am now on my deathbed since your lack of knowledge has failed to cure my disease which you have called cancer. Before I leave, I feel it best to spend my last days by sending letters to those who deserve them and you are one of the chosen recipients. I am ashamed for condescending you in front of all the other patients a couple of months ago. I feel terrible for the patients to learn about their doctor's incomepetency in such manner. Therefore, in order to make up for it, I have made a will which includes a construction of a new medical institute opposite of yours designed only for well-trained doctors. I hope you appreciate my final gift to your unfortunate patients. 


Mr. Henry Adam Wood

p.s: If you consider working at the new medical institution, I believe that with the knowledge you possess, you would be a great helper. 

Created: Apr 06, 2014


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