Dinner Date, At Your Place

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The Greek meatballs you made

Were fantastic.

What you told me afterward



That job offer in Greece

Is impressive

But what about us and what we want

For ourselves?


Are you just going to

Drop me

Throw it all away because

They called?


I mean, really I don't understand

It's Greece

You don't speak Greek or eat anything more Greek

Than yogurt.


And sure the job's nice

And cushy

But is it worth abandoning me

Your family?


Can I see it from your Perspective?


Your perspective sucks

Really sucks.


I'll leave now but really

Congratulations sweetie

This is a big deal for you

I'm proud


Not only because you got this offer

But because

The meatballs were really quite fabulous

And make


A wonderful last memory

Of you.

Created: Apr 06, 2014

Tags: bittersweet, poetry, sarcasm, date, breakup, dinner

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