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Our Secret Hiding Places

by mushr

Let's jump into the movie screen,
a rainy day, a broken umbrella,
a musical comedy.
A Gene Kelly scene,
tapdancin' in the rain.

Late at night, instead of dreaming
we'll slip into a Godard film.
Inside a French cafe,
We will be the only two drinking
coffee from a yellow bowl,
as we watch a trio dance.

Then you will pull a Citizen Kane,
arrange me in black and white.
You will rewrite our history, Rosebud
I will leave you clues
that will torture you.
It will be the greatest mystery
ever made.
It will win over the critics,
and puzzle the beatniks.

Then just before the sun comes up,
we'll walk together in Dreams,
conjure up a little magical realism.
I will take a nap under a Peach Orchard,
while you get lost in a Blizzard.

Our friends will weep for us,
because they would all think that we're dead.
But just before we reach the end,
we'll smile again, and be amazed by
the journey we have taken.

And although, it seems nothing really
extraordinary happens to us everyday folks
You and I are heroes in our secret lives.
We are everyday spies. We act surprise,
at the mundane things in life.

After all, it's all an adventure.
We've got the bird's eye view,
the first screening,
the unrated version of a film.
We'll take a bite at it all
these different slices of life,
until the director yells cut.

Created: Apr 06, 2014

Tags: godard, romance, aszarkowski, love, secret hiding places, make-believe, gene kelly, poem a day, alyssa, mushr

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