Private War OR I Was Such an Emo Kid

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(Again, this was a poem I wrote years ago during my teen years. Obviously not such a happy time for me.)


The most alone you could ever be
Is being without yourself
To stray so far outside of you
There is no way to get back
When you're lying alone in the dark
And you feel so disconnected
A blade peirces the flesh
But you're already numbed with pain
A friend says he'll be there for you
Yet you're too frozen to reach out
Even if you could explain
There's nothing they could do
No glue can paste together
Pieces of a broken heart
There is no needle or thread
That can sew together shreds of a torn soul
Human eyes are too blind to see
Bruises beneath the skin
Mortal ears are too deaf to hear
Screams echoing from within
Silent suffering is the worst kind of pain
Because no one can help you through
It's a private war you fight alone
And most of the time you lose

Created: Apr 06, 2014


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