Mr. Invinsible 1st Halloween in the new neighborhood

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       The Invisible family move to a new neighborhood around the end of October. The neighbors knew that there is a new family that moved around their area and the invisible family kind of send a postcard/letter to the whole neighbors around their house (for the children actualy) to come and visit for a trick or treat halloween party. When the trick or treat begun and some of the children visit the invisible family, the Mr. Invisible greet them using a white fabric that showed a kind of shape that resembling the eye and moiuth often seen in Halloween pumpkin. When the candy in a bowl is empty Mr. Invisible said that he will go back inside the house for a minute to take some candy and chocolate. When Mr. Invinsible turn around, the wind blows unexpectandly and make one of the child step inside the house and accidentally stepping on the to long white fabric of Mr. Invinsible costume, and Mr. Invinsible didn't realized that his costumes left on the floor where the kids stand.

~there could be 2 option

  1. the kids are clueless on what happen earlier and think that this is some neat trick or high tech costumr like the one in harry potter.

  2. all of them was very shocked and don't know what to do, they are in a hesitation whether run or play nice to wait a minute and take the candy before run as fast as they can

PS: This is the 1st time i wrote something kind of long xD and maybe some story haha. i'm sorry for the crappy english since it's not my 1st language, hopefully i can make some rec again soon. Happy weekend



Created: Apr 05, 2014

Tags: theme, story, fiction, script, vertical, graphic design, color, drawing, poster, free-verse

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