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I bleed once a month and still I allowed you to cut me, fracture the best of me, and I accepted the worst of your selfishness. You have her and I have me…the diluted and dwindled version of who I used to be. This is the price women pay when they don’t pay attention and allow patients enough time for the truth to be seen and heard accurately. Listen to the depths of me ladies. This isn’t the way you want to learn your lessons. I would give anything to be robbed of the state I am in, yet we are prone to do it….again…and again. Because what is life worth when you don’t allow love to begin. Hidden in the seams of our underwear are the cracked codes that unlock our suspicions and fears. The truth is too hard to bear so we choose not to learn from it and exist in the atmosphere of 12 dwarfs, and sleep our beauty away. We glorify dreams and beg the nightmares to stay. I would tell you to awake from your slumber, but I’m afraid you wouldn’t recognize the women we have become. You silence the voice you hear, looking the other way when she says desperately: I am insecure. I am overweight. I am promiscuous. I live in the shadows of other people happiness standing right outside Bill’s gate. I am molested. I am underweight. I am abused. I am lonely and being hurt is my fate. I hope this poem is the gentle splashes of water to your cheeks that wakes you up to where your virtues and purpose meet. The lies you’ve whispered to yourself cuts deeper than his actions. What have you done to yourself that you cannot undo? Even the deepest of wounds heal, and I’ve personally witnessed the disappearing acts of black and blue. I bleed once a month now because this journey has taught me a thing or two. Now, look ahead. Happiness and fulfillment wait for you…

Created: Apr 05, 2014

Tags: poetry

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