Ceiling Fan. (Poem Every Day - Day Two)

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Spin, my precious fan,

and do not quit.

Spinning is your thing,

that you do so well.

Better than well,

I'd dare to say.

You've spun so long, 

perhaps it's all you know.

What do you say, fan?

Do you possess another skill?

Can you hold back my tears?

Or only my sweat?

Not that it matters,

no, not in the least.

Spinning is your thing.

I can't ask any more of you,

than that simple task.

For if I did,

what would become of me?

I'd be the thief of things,

the compelling force,

the harsh critic,

the selfish man to all fans.

I do not want those things

to be true of me.

So I do not change you.

All you do is spin

because you wish to please me.

I simply embrace the cool air,

because it's your thing,

and it would be wrong

for me to change that.



Created: Apr 05, 2014

Tags: free-verse, theme, request, poetry

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