Fridays (poem a day - 5)

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I guess that's one way to get your protein

I'm watching you all eat soylent green

(through my fingers) my eyes are glued to the screen


This thing is turning me into a glutton

while dancing atop every fangirl button

(Oh holy shit, son, that ain't even mutton)


This plays upon my grossest fears

of dodgy food and human deers

but anyway, please, let me dry your tears


your pretty tears and curly hair

and your penchant for dogs and your glasses, I swear

you're made for me, though I'm willing to share


So lonesome and ill and pale and frail

but still such a bamf, I know you'll prevail

I just can't wait for you to get out of jail


A reckoning's coming, and soon, I daresay

and I know I should sleep but I'll watch anyway

'cause where there's a will, there's always a way




(For Marie, Kris, and Sarah. I know y'all know.)

Created: Apr 05, 2014


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