Watches and Waits (Poem-a-day #4)

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With each step I take,
I can feel his gaze
Upon my back.
My nerves erupt;
I begin to shake.
I try to avoid
Being trapped
Within his view,
But I cannot escape;
I pick up my pace,
But he never stops
Following me with his eyes,
Absorbing the pulse of my
Ever-increasing heartbeat.
Even from far away,
I sense he is still watching.
Expecting me to look back.
I cave in, and
Turn around slowly,
Only slightly,
And see that he…
He is gone.
He has vanished.
I sigh a breath of relief,
Bury down my panic,
And attempt to forget knowing
He will return, again.



Created: Apr 05, 2014

Tags: wait, poem, fear, watcher, heartbeat, dark, stalker, poetry, afraid, poem-a-day, rosellaweigand, nerves, spy, walking, frightening

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