Grays (5)

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I watched you as you arranged your chalks, bold blacks soft grays

Slowly you began to stroke the canvas as if it had tender skin

Pausing, standing back you carefully corrected the jaw line
Not strong enough

No color for his eyes just grays

As I watched I felt ashamed to be in such an intimate moment
All that you had hidden on high shelves, buried in dark places …there

I couldn’t see your face….I’m glad you couldn’t see mine

With the side of your fist you blurred the lines
Softer now

You laid the chalk carefully on the table…you sat motionless

I wanted to say something, anything to ease your pain
No words
I wrapped my hand around yours you sank into my body
We sat motionless ..staring into his face



Created: Apr 05, 2014

Tags: poetry

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