The Monkey and the Crane (Untitled Japanese Folk Tale collab)

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"Lay me a golden egg and I will grant you a wish," said the monkey.

"And if I do not?" asked the crane.

"Then I will kill you and eat you," replied the monkey.

"Come back tomorrow then," said the crane.

The next morning the monkey returned and there on a silver platter was a large golden egg.

"I am so thankful...and now what is your wish?" asked the monkey.

"I wish you were a koi," answered the crane.

Instantly, the monkey became a fish.

“Please do not eat me?” pleaded the monkey, now a koi.

“But were you not willing to eat me?” asked the crane.

“Yes…but that is different,” said the koi.

“Different in what manner?” asked the crane.

“I was the monkey…you are the is the way of the world,” answered the koi.

“Ah yes, the way of the world,” said the crane…

then promptly ate her breakfast.

Created: Apr 05, 2014


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