The Family Farm.

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Dear Thomas,

As I have been told that I will no longer will be walking on this plain in a fortnights time, it has come, as they say, time for me to close the book on outstanding debts.

I fondly remember the never ending summer days of our youth playing in the rolling fields of your family farm. It was because of these memories when I saw the bank threatening to possess you family farm, I intervened and bought it. I did not want anyone, which sadly included your family, destroying the playground of our youth. This is why I order the land to be made vacant, and left untouched.

Do not worry about looking after my dearest Amy and our children, Bethany and Carl. I have arranged to sell this land to the local quarry. The monies earned from this should look after both Amy, Bethany, Carl and the future generations of Woods to come. 

I will be waiting for you in the hills beyond the pearly gates,


Created: Apr 05, 2014


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