Site Updates 4 April 2014

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Features delivered this week: (week of 31 March 2014)

PORTRAITS and FEATURED ALBUMS ARE BACK: - really a bug-fix. We filtered these records from the default browse page, but didn't notice they were also being filtered from user pages. They're back now.

BACK BUTTON: -Improved when visiting records within a collaboration * still needs work in a few areas - but we're making progress*

FEATURE COMMENT FOR ALBUMS: - Now albums can have 'featured comments'. * For Curators* Along with this change, we now only allow featuring records and albums with a comment - so the 'feature' option has been removed from the popup menu.

MULTI TAG SEARCH: - You can search for records with multiple tags. In the "search box" you can include multlple tags, separated by commas - e.g. #sunset, #shore, #nature would search for records containing all 3 of those tags

DOWNLOAD ALBUM CONTENTS AS ZIPFILE: - A 2 step process. The first time the "DOWNLOAD" button is clicked, it will change to "PREPARING DOWNLOAD". After the zipfile is created, the button will then say "DOWNLOAD ALBUM". Clicking that should download all Audio, Image, and Video files in a single zip file.

NEW COLLABORATION REQUEST CATEGORIES: New categories are: Actors, Singers, and Voiceover Artists

Created: Apr 05, 2014

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