Poisoner & Pin (Poem Every Day: 4)

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No truth escaped through the gaps in my teeth

Even when I'm wrapped in carpenter's yellow

When the pitch black of believing turned me a fool

Laughing as a sign that something is wrong inside

Something is blocking the arteries, corroding the veins

What a jester I am, with tarot cards on my sleeves

The hanged man, the tower, death, and the lovers

A poisoner's sorrow for the poisoned

Crucify me like a butterfly, like a moth

Pin me to the board with my wings dried to dust

An esoteric love that runs across the creases in my palms

Mechanical ticking in the gypsy's glass case

A card comes out that only says "You're doomed." 

You've made me a fool with a fortune teller's shawl

Cast about and made to think our hands were aligned

But I'm buried in canvas stained an emerald blue

I'm put into the earth without a heart, without you

Pen me the things you're too afraid to speak

Allow me the blessing or conduct me a curse

But do not lead me by the collar to the hearse 

I need to know what the cards are reading

If I'm dead and in love, or just simply bleeding 

Lead paint splinters in the back of my neck

The crushed-shell glow of carmine red

Spin me a tale, a lie, if you must

But I need something, anything, lust

You're my chariot, my temperance, my devil

The star, the moon, a sun, a freckle

It's all reading backwards to where we have been

I love you in yellow, my poisoner and pin

Created: Apr 04, 2014

Tags: poem every day, poison, yellow, carmine, rhyme, red, pin, blue, love, poem, poetry

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