gray prey (poem a day)

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As I sit in the hay loft

waiting for the storm to move south,


a gray cat comes around the corner

with a gray mouse in his mouth,

passing beyond the shadow's border

and dropping it on the ground


but this mouse still lives

and shakes a bit

as the cat looks curiously down


so they sit there awhile,

surveying one another

nuzzling their noses

like long lost lovers,

their fuzzy gray coats

embraced as warm cover

till they both graciously rise

and peer in the eyes

of their newfound friend


and then 

the cat calmly reaches down

with fangs all about,

snaps the mouse's neck

and swallows its gray head


Now, I don't mean to sadden

or make cruel riddle of the severing

of this murid's alimentary tract,

but may I ask,

"Where's your head at?"

Created: Apr 04, 2014

Tags: poem a day, cat, mouse, story, murid, poetry

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