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My dearest sister, Heather,

As I am sure you are aware, I lie on my deathbed awaiting my departure from this unpleasant world. I am less than confident that you will make the effort to express your last words to me, but alas, I attach in this letter my final musings to you.  

I am sorry that I am soon to leave you, knowing that never were our father’s favourite child. With no men left in your life I do wonder how you will support yourself. Father always did like to blame you for mother’s death; though what else could he have done? You did leave your doll next to the stove which eventually set the house on fire.  I would like you to know that I forgive you for that and for all the other "accidents" and wrongdoings upon me, however, and I wish you the best of luck in your new life, void of myself.

Your older brother,
Henry Adam Wood

P.S. My apologies for the smell when you are left to clean my house.

Created: Apr 04, 2014

Tags: fiction, request

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