the dangers of love and nutmeg

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A/N: based off of a googy hangout last night. so thank you for the random and inspiring discussion <3 

inside every kitchen, ground nutmeg sits
in small glass dishes.
“it can fuck you up” he says, “but
it takes up to 6 hours
to take effect and can last
up to 2 days.”

as laughter ricochets through my
ears, my mind is filled with
the irony:
here is a spice we
to bend our mind with

but then love, we swallow often
turns us drunk, delirious
on another’s lips,
their eyes, their voice rolling
off the tongue.

we are helpless in this
fevered agony,
ignorant of its beginning
and end.

with love in abundance
we do not need nutmeg.

Created: Apr 04, 2014

Tags: control, poetry, nutmeg, love, drugs, free-verse, non-fiction

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