Gratuitous Golf- A Taxidermy Tale

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Bobcat: Hi, Judge.

Barn Owl: Hi, Stoney. What have you been up to?

Bobcat: I've been golfing. I did a round this morning and I tore Snaggy a new corn hole!

Barn Owl: Cool! What was the final score?

Bobcat: Snaggy got thirty-five strokes and I got two hundred fifty-seven.

Barn Owl: Actually, Snaggy won.

Bobcat: What do you mean? My score was higher.

Barn Owl: In golf, the one with the lowest score wins.

Bobcat: What the hell is this? Communist Canada?

Barn Owl: I don't know why you play these games. You know nothing about sports.

Bobcat: So you mean to tell me that cannonballs are bad for diving and freeze tag isn't a standing still contest?

Barn Owl: Exactly!

Bobcat: I know. I'll challenge you to a game of bowling. It's hard to mess that up.

Barn Owl: I accept your challenge.

Bobcat: Be ready. I'm going to hit the gutter every time, just like I hit your mom last night.

Snow Ferret: AAA!!!

Created: Apr 04, 2014

Tags: taxidermy, comedy, script, sketch

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