Pizza Guy

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This is a true personal story about taking care of my dad and daughter at the same time (sandwich generation).

Frazzled, late evening, and I hadn't cooked dinner, so I resolved myself to ordering a pizza.  As the teenager rang the doorbell, I turned around to see my pantsless, and diaperless, 2-year-old daughter. I asked my dad, who has dementia, to get her and put her clothes back on, meanwhile answering the door.  I gave the kid the money, and heard my daughter say, "Mommy, can I go outside?" (Still bare-bottomed, standing where the pizza guy could see her from the front). I said "No baby!" then watched as my father walked out the door around the pizza guy (still waiting), and asked, "Dad, where are you going?"

Dad said, "To get the pizza."

I just told the obviously flummoxed pizza guy, "my household is a bit crazy, sorry."


Created: Apr 04, 2014

Tags: dementia collab, dementia, this is the real world, alzheimer's

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