Theatre People (don't mess with the oldies)

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I was at the theatre years ago, we had pretty good seats in the middle about eight rows back.  It was close to the start time, but people were still being ushered to their seats.  About four rows ahead of us, the usher was showing a middle-aged couple to their seats.  There were two old ladies already sat there.  They didn't want to move.  They said that they were their seats.  The usher looked for their tickets but they didn't seem to have any.  It was obvious that the seats belonged to the middle-aged couple. 


The old ladies made a big deal of moving their coats and bags, but shuffled off and the middle-aged lady sat down.  After a few seconds she stood up with a look of horror on her face and said the seat was wet.  The usher was called back, and we could see him testing the seat with his hand, and then with dignity trying to find alternative seats for the middle-aged couple (who were aghast, and trying to see where the old ladies had gone so that they could at least give them very dirty looks).  The lights went down then, so we didn't get to see any more, unfortunately.  Except the play, which although it was good, was somehow not as memorable as the old lady who had deliberately wet the seat.  It's so true you get a better class of people at the theatre (snort!)

Created: Apr 04, 2014

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