This Great Nation?

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I want to talk about something that's bothering me

Something that's being chipping away at our identity



Our national pride

That burning desire deep inside

To set ourselves apart

Whilst other nations collide


But it seems our best efforts

Are just plain misguided

Because this United Kingdom

Is a kingdom divided


A collective objective to make Britain great

But wait, Take a moment to contemplate

The effects of our self perpetuated prejudice and hate


The hypocrisy that reigns supreme

Somewhat akin to Hitler's Nazi regime

United we stand, one flag, one Queen

But with an underlying segregation

Separating people not borne of this nation


It's something I've always struggled to understand

Why the cultural melting pots of other countries stand hand in hand

Whilst ours stands divided And most of the time we don't try to hide it

Being outwardly vocal about our immigrant locals

Stealing our jobs as they come in by the boatfull


But seldom do we stop to question our views

We take them as granted and even worse news

We pass on our hatred to our kids and our friends

Not sure where it came from or where it will end


We complain that the Turks are all stealing our jobs

Or that the pikeys and bag heads are on the benefits rob

When niggers walk round in "intimidating" groups

And those goddam pakis don't respect our British roots


But ask yourself this, what would our great nation be

If not for additions from overseas

Our music, our food, our fashion, our cars

Would these be what they are if the Brits stuck to ours?


Why can't we admit that ethnic diversity is enriching our culture

Instead of picking at the carcass of a dying philosophy like a vulture

Hoping for a scrap of meat

A shred of evidence to avoid defeat

Something to get the nation united and up on their feet

Wanting them to fight for an issue...


That's all but beat


It's an outdated argument, no longer relevant

It's time we reset and formed a new covenant

One of acceptance, it's time we all faced

That we aren't seperate species, but one human race

Created: Apr 03, 2014

Tags: poetry, lyrics, free-verse

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