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For you,

It's ancient history.

Nearly impossible to conceive that it ever

really happened

Something you only hear stories about; 

the Renaissance, the Egyptians

maybe even ancient Greece.


The only physical evidence

is in ruins.


That fits, I suppose.


For me, however,

It's a current event.

Still burning in my memory

Emotions still raw from


9/11, Hurricane Katrina

Maybe a Japanese tsunami.


And it hits me in the same way:

A giant wave covering me

and carrying me



I'm not going to get to 30 poems in 30 days, but for some reason this popped in my head when I saw ancient so I decided to RECord it:)

Created: Apr 03, 2014

Tags: poem a day, poem, history, stone age, current event, relationship, tsunami, ancient egypt, ancient

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