The Baby- Horror

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 The Baby is a creative horror that will make audiences rethink what real horror means. This short film is written, directed, and produced by Emily Kathleen.

"I have a fascination with the lives of serial killers. I want to tell a story around a serial killer and his sister who is training to become a serial killer. The background on how these two killers became what they are today is heartbreaking and will make you rethink next time you hurt someone," says Kathleen.

Actress Stephanie Zushi said, "As a mother who has children, this truly has given me nightmares in fear that something like this could happen to my child."

The Baby speaks to a unique side of a serial killers that most people never want to hear. It shows and makes people question whether a serial killer raised in a nice home with the support of a non-abusive family would still kill? This film also shows that it can be a choice to kill and that not all killers are born evil.

The kind of horror in The Baby is not the typical Friday the 13th terror, it is the day-to-day worry of having a child taken that is truly terrifying.

Created: Apr 03, 2014


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