We Just Wanted To Be Seen (Day 2)

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She crashed into you
Leaving skidmarks and
Track marks to littering hidden elbows

With your drooping eyes
Mind already circling the sliver
Of visible rock filling the night sky

When your name is called
Penetrating awkward silence
You cannot hear it,
Ears plugged after years of screaming,
I just want you to look at me

Instead there is a curled ball of damage
Limbs quacking from a misplaced fix
And still you shove me away
Trying to hide what has already been seen

This time,
You crashed into me
A carefully placed mask slipping
Desperation overriding unflappable notions
You just wanted to be seen

Now I am standing on a soapbox
Shouting universal truths to the ears
Of the misinformed and the proud
And you have shaken away some of that damage
Replacing it with a pen
And the time to write down our story.

Created: Apr 03, 2014

Tags: damage, fix-it, collab, poem, we just wanted to be seen

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