Fickle Faith

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I used to be a deist.

I tried to bury myself underground,

so that I could share the roots with the trees

until my feet fell asleep

and the pain was too much to bare.




I used to be a hippie,

bowing to mother earth.

        A flower child,

        tree hugger,

freak of ­— nature enthusiast.


I tried to be an atheist

when judgments

were as non-existent

as the deity in my dreams.


I stopped asking

and started listening.

Instead of prayer,

I turned to meditation

and the soft bell rang

as my feet rested on the insides of my thighs,

as if reaching for my soul,









Created: Apr 02, 2014

Tags: athiest, roots, pray, fickle, prayer, faith, meditation, voice, written, poetry, diest, writing, poem, tree, religion, trees

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