the fluttering taste of lies (poem two)

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just before.

just a small
part of the before
before I let the
words fall out,
before the intake
of sweet, nervous breath
there lies a moment.

there lies a moment
where i think,
what if?
what if i just said something,
something to you that wasn’t
the real answer but the one
that i hoped
it to be.

what if i let you think my
story was not as it was?
what if did that, just to see,
just to see the delight in
your eyes, the glow in
your cheeks at the warmth
of my make believe stories?
these make believe stories
i wish were truly mine.

i have always been good at telling
stories, good at flying with
words, good at pulling down
beautiful pictures people
just have to notice
to be good storytellers.

i am good at letting my

s o a r.

yes, I have always been good at
telling stories but it comes
from a place where all I want
to do is to

from my own.

i consider it
in the before, seriously
think about it.
about telling you something
far from the truth
but i know
that there is no

i will take it too far
just like i always do and
let the butterflies that swarm
in my deep below when I am near you,
come up.
come up and out of
my mouth, dancing
off of my tongue
until i am shrouded
in these lies fluttering
around me while you stare
trying to grab and
hold on to them like a childish,
gleeful boy

it’ll taste sweet at
first, this tickle and
remnant taste of fluttering
stained on my tongue.

but not for long, it will
turn sour. just
like so many




so i’ll keep it in
tell you truths or
at least
parts of it anyway.

and I’ll leave the butterflies
the ones lurking in my belly.
I will leave them
even when they
come fluttering

fluttering out
for you.

Created: Apr 02, 2014

Tags: poetry month, love, lies, poetry, poem a day, fiction, april, story, butterflies

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