The Letters of Henry Adam Wood (REQUEST #2)

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CALLING ALL WRITERS, VO ARTISTS, ANIMATORS, & ILLUSTRATORS! The community's contributions to missamerica's "The Letters of Henry Adam Wood" collab have been awesome - let's continue building this collab with snappy writing, voice overs, test animations, and more visuals.



WRITERS: Write short, funny letters to and from Henry Adam Wood. Use THIS TEXT RECORD by Mcgettigan as a reference for length and substance. Please include a brief intro sentence in your letters establish that H.A. Wood is on his death bed, and also add a Post Script to each letter.

VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Perform readings of letters from the collab. Use THIS VOICE OVER by edlives as a reference for delivery and tone.

ILLUSTRATORS: Illustrate Characters, Props, and Backgrounds for the collab using THESE ILLUSTRATIONS BY TROCAR as a visual reference.

ANIMATORS: Do short Test Animations of THESE ILLUSTRATIONS to help establish the movement of the characters in this world.



Created: Apr 02, 2014

Tags: aesthetic, indoor, dying, 16:9, historical, voice over, comedy, missamerica, trocar, artists, edlives, drawings, text records, hd, request video, animation, elderly man, series, high definition, short film, remix, graphic design, actors, designers

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