A Wake and a Whisper

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I sprang up in bed the moment I heard his voice. It couldn’t have been real. Looking around my dark bedroom, it was obvious that I was the only one here. My bedroom door was still locked. Unless a ghost… no, that’s just nonsense. I attempted to fall back asleep because maybe it was part of a dream, though I didn’t recall seeing him in the dream before abruptly waking.

When honest morning arrived, I got up and hit the shower, almost forgetting how oddly my sleep was disrupted just a few hours earlier. Music played from my phone as I cleansed my body. I heard what sounded like someone softly calling my name from beyond the shower curtain. I peeked out, but of course no one else could be in the bathroom right now- my roommate had already left for work an hour earlier. The door was still shut and locked.

After my shower and getting dressed, I began the walk to my job. The sun warmed my skin perfectly, and everything felt as if it were in the right place. Spring was finally upon us after a brutal winter. Fifty feet ahead of me, a young man was walking towards me. I stopped in my tracks momentarily because he looked like him. It was impossible. I blinked and blinked as he got closer. I picked up my feet again because I’d probably scare this guy. As we got closer to one another, I realized that it wasn’t him after all. The young man smiled, and I returned the favor.

Right as he passed from my view, a voice whispered, “Be well.”

I stopped and turned around, but the young man was already gone.

Created: Apr 02, 2014

Tags: whisper, prose, request, writing

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