FAQ: Is anybody looking at my stuff?

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When I first joined, I uploaded quite a lot of photos in one go.  When I next checked back, I saw that most of them had no hits.  So one of my first questions (to myself) was - is anybody looking at my stuff?


I suspect that many other newbies have had the same question.  I didn't know if there was a curator somewhere going 'Wow - that was the best photo ever!  HEART!!' or if they just floated to the bottom of the pool I had added them to.  To be honest, I'm still not sure of the answer.  I like to browse the new records sometimes, and if I am doing a weekly Re-Rec, I check back on them to see if anyone else has looked at them.  Usually, they have very few hits, so I suppose that the answer is 'No - no-one will see your amazing stuff unless you add it somewhere.'  Unless they are random browsers like I am...  I suppose I would suggest that it be made more specific that you have to be active if you want your records seen, or used.


Oh, and off-topic, but I think it would be helpful if you received a notification on your dashboard if stuff has been added to a collab you started, so that if you are just logging in briefly, you are aware that someone has been active in your project and might like some feedback.


Thanks for reading.

Created: Apr 02, 2014

Tags: non-fiction

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