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Poem A Day--April 1, 2014--Prompt: OPEN

I unfurl,

A budding petal pocket

Hiding yellow seeds and rings,

A singing garden self-weeding as I go pleading.

With my needs, desires and inspires

Deep rooted and on fire,

Bookmarked as they’re sparked.

Inspired by and with and for

This open door for the many score who are

Hard-wired to do more

Further and forevermore.

We are a storehouse for the Scouts who tout

Their individual creativity

Melding sparks into nativity

Of compelling compartments,

Of artful statements, realized relate-ments

All dazzling encasements to decant, supplant, enchant.

Infant ideas grow up to grant the know of flow and as I go

I plant this rant

Too scant to imply the way or why.

Yet still an ode

For my distant Creation Relations who don’t say “can’t”.

You know,

The Arty,

That party of Patent Onlookers, Well-Wishers

Imagination Fishers and Regular Interval Blissers.

We drift as we sift through Unmitigated Riffs

Through Cliff-Hangers by Lyrical Wranglers

Video-Star Spanglers and Graphic-Photo Manglers

To re-mangle, re-score,

Regarding images, notes and more

A Reformation Station, a revolution in the mix

It’s a way to transfix our collective gifts

Into swift TRANSinFORMATIONAL Glyphs

Which represent the reasons why we


To loose and glitch and season each others’ posts

With our own host of re-creational vibes

We CHOOSE to coincide and glide and stride

Into the Nether

Whether or not we’re together



One day

It is Our Way

To Hit

Through Sacred Play.

With this I say

I am


To the portal

Of our immortal



Hello! So I must confess immediately that I will not be able to complete this challenge in a timely fashion from April 21-May 4 as I will be in Death Valley, CA going on a Vision Fast Ceremony…but I really want to participate as best I can so I hope it is alright to write my poems out in the wild and post them late? Please forgive me, I do promise to write them each day as challenged and I look forward to the inspiration that nature and solitude can provide.

Created: Apr 02, 2014

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