Dead - A poem by me

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Walking towards the light I see

Stepping back, realizing what's ahead of me

Pivoting around in a quick jerky motion

Running Away all the faster

Swooping by head back, taking a second glance

Squinting, cringing, the lights so blinding

An ease, so soothing, the warm joyful feel

One step back is three more closer

Seizing up, nerves on edge

Hairs standing up like a million toy soldiers

My eyes are locked, carefully, cautiously watching

The walls are jarring and the brincks are falling

Everything is so dark it's all so leery

Becoming more aware, each second ticks by

My eyes are open, pupils adujusting

The surrounding become clear for me to see

The wind howls like a banshee demon

Standing upon a vast barren plain

The ground, cracked, dried and grey

Surrounded by fiery mountains of molten rock

The sun glows black, skies a hue of red

I am stuck in place, as if mailed to the ground

A high pitched schrill echoes in the distance

Louder and closer with each beat of heart

My heart beats faster and louder, like a renegade drum

Closer and louder till there is an explosion

The smoke has cleared and all is silent

I'm at the fiery gates of the devil's front door

Standing, hypnotized by the fiery abode

My mind races to make sense of it all

My God, is this what's to be

I begin to yell and scream,

falling down, beggin perched on both knees

I yell and scream and yell and scream

No one. Not there. My eternity.


Created: Apr 02, 2014

Tags: poetry

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