Walking through the Night

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Walking through the night listening to the sounds
not sure what I'll come across, not sure what's to be found
waiting, expecting of what I'm not sure
wondering if the night will bring the cure
for the sadness and lonliness that eats up my days
I've stopped hoping, I no longer pray
the wind and the darkness are my friends
I know on them I can always depend
constant companions that won't leave me alone
the darkness engulfs me; the wind chills me to the bone
I want it to end, I want it to stop
I'm sick of the feeling that happens when my heart drops
safe in my bubble, safe behind glass
if I keep people out these feelings will pass
alone in my own world seems like the best
maybe that way my mind will get some rest
stay away from feelings, lock up my heart
a careful indifference seems the best place to start
the pain will be ebbing with solitude as my guide
washing away feelings, washing away with the tide
I sink to the ground too tired to go on
I'm sick of being a useless pawn
my blood runs cold as the tears run down
my face has frozen in a permanent frown
I'm done with caring, I'm done with concern
ignore and hurt me enough I'll learn
so I'll stay alone for the rest of my life
feeling that's the safest way to avoid strife
keeping me safe till I take my last breath
and the time comes for me to embrace death.

Created: Apr 01, 2014

Tags: poetry

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