My Friend the Darkness

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The light fades
Darkness surrounds me
At first I fear it, but soon it becomes my friend
I grow to find comfort in the surrounding blackness of the nothing, the quiet of the emptiness
I find myself addicted to the stillness and the silence
I start to shun the light and laughter finding it corrosive to me
Yet part of me questions if this hollow contentment has become a drug slowing killing me body and soul
Do I dare to break it's hold on me for more then a moment, I fear to but also fear the hold it has on me
I know what I want and at times can feel that it might be within reach, but am afraid because I can only do so much to obtain it
I continue to reach for it but each time it flitters out of my grasp I die a little more inside and retreat further into the darkness
The darkness is my friend and I fear this friend is slowing suffocating me into oblivion and I just don't care.

Created: Apr 01, 2014

Tags: prose

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