On Getting Noticed (FAQ Collaboration)

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Q. How do I get my work noticed? 

A.You've watched the intro video, created an account, and now you're ready to take hitRECord by storm. You've uploaded your first RECords and all you have to do is play the waiting game while the checks and kudos come rolling in, right? 

Not so fast, friend. 

Unlike other art-centric websites, hitRECord is first and foremost a community. This means that if you want to start attracting the eyes and ears of others, you're going to have to channel your inner Captain Picard and engage. The following are a few suggestions on ways you can interact with the community at large. 

You might have spent your entire adult life perfecting your RECord, but if no one can find it, it's not going to matter. Don't get lazy when it comes time to upload your work. Make sure you write a description of your piece. You get bonus points if your description is snappy and well-written. Choose an image for the cover art, and then tag it to oblivion. Seriously. When someone is searching for a specific piece, tags are what allow them to find it. Use the pre-set tags, then add a few of your own. And finally, for all that is pure and holy, TITLE YOUR WORK. The sad fact is, if you don't have the gumption to come up with a descriptive title, we may not have the gumption to give it the time it deserves.

Your natural inclanation when you first join hitRECord might be to be stingy with your Remarks and Recommends. Don't fall into the trap of believing hitRECord is a competition. We're all here to help and support one another. When you Remark on or Reccomend a piece, the artist is notified. This increases the likelihood that said artist will visit your RECords, and will already be primed and ready to show their gratitiude for your attention with the Remark/Recommend buttons. 

Don't treat your RECords like the short-wave radio, karate outfit, and unicycle collecting dust in your closet. Use them! Instead of banishing the fruit of your labor to obscurity, look for collaborations that are in some way related to your RECord. Click the great big "Contribute" button, and choose "Existing RECord". This will put your RECord at the top of the collaboration's list, and provides you with an entirely new audience happy to ogle your work. 

(This is all I've got for now. I may revise as I come up with more suggestions. If you have any tips you think should be included, feel free to Remark or Remix or whatever suits you. :-)



Created: Apr 01, 2014

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