chimples: an odd anatomy (a random narrative)

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Here we go, friends.  Random late night thought.  Scratch that.  Exposition first.  Hello, my name is Hailey (insert monotonous "Hello, Hailey." here) and I am an insomniac.  Long story cut short-er, I can't sleep due to my 'racing thoughts'.  I'm hesitant to use that term 'cause my thoughts don't race around in my head.  I think of them as random, more or less - like waiting for popcorn to pop.  You know it will happen, but you never know when.  Anyway, in order to build a normal sleep cycle, I need to clear my mind.  That's easier said than done, friends.  How the hell do you stop your mind from, well, minding?  There's no remote, no pause button for the brain.  So instead I have creative outlets I use to plug into and rewind and wait for my mind to stop.  I have words.  One word, actually now, that's been rattling my mental state.


All right, let me explain.  I am one of the fortunate who is blessed to be deemed more attractive than my peers from the beholders of people who obsess over facial indents.  Correct, I have dimples.  Now let's get one thing straight.  I love my dimples.  I really do.  They're great.  I praise the heavens for my dimples.  However, I can't help wonder why instead of having cute indents on my cheeks, they are actually on my chin.  It's like when God was molding me, an angel accidentally flew into Him, causing my dimples to be, well, chimples.  It's a term I like to use, even if some people visualize monkeys with pimples on their face - a facial indent that no one finds attractive.  Now my chimples are not to be confused with the well-known butt chin or even the single dimple in the middle of the chin.  No, no, no, no, no.  Mine are truly odd.  They are near the corners of my mouth like when people stroke their chins to think.  My chimples would be great landmarks for that.  And they aren't even.  The one on my right is way more indented, why?  Who knows...

Having these chimples makes me want to start a club.  A Chimple Club.  A place for the semi-attractive people with dimples, but not the cute ones and not the buff ones.  We're the odd ones.  Well, I'm the odd one.  I have met maybe one or two people who also have chimples.  I coulda swear JLaw has them...sometimes.  Truth is I don't think a lot of people have them, or if they do, they hide them.  So I feel isolated in my lonely, chimple life.  Is there anyone who shares my joy and pain of chimples?  Maybe you're out there.  And maybe we'll meet some day.  If only it were that simple, but instead it's chimple, meaning it doesn't happen that often and there are only a handful of chances that would ever happen.

But for now, I can dream.  My tape has hit stop for now and I can sleep.


Created: Apr 01, 2014

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