We Don't Just RECord...

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We don't just RECord things worldwide, we RECord our own universe.

I'm sorry if the letters are a little hard to read, but it seemed like no matter where I put the letters or what shade I chose, it seemed a little hard to read some of the words. But anyways, this little phrase/quote popped into my head as I saw this cool picture by LexiScherr. I thought it was a neat one because we do RECord our own universes, whether it be our actual universe in outer space or the universe that lies within us. We all have one. They're all equally different, unique, and most importantly, they're you. We the people of hitRECord bring our universe to this site and share every single day. Every single day you are sharing a peice of you; you're sharing your universe to the whole entire world to create something totally us. Us meaning, the people of hitRECord. This wonderful online community that creates things that bring people together to make something special. So that's basically what I wanted my little phrase to do. To get you to really think and hopefully agree on why it's true...

Hope you RECorders like it :0)

Created: Mar 31, 2014

Tags: universe, record, color, remix, worldwide, hitrecord

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