The Little Mechanical Snail's Journey

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A small mechanical snail, clinking and churning, struggles on along the ocean floor. Slowly, yet with unerring resolve, he treks forth over the grainy sand, the fast ocean current flowing indifferently above him.

He trails a pack of battered suitcases, fixed to weathered strings that drags tracks behind him. And upon his little rounded back (the shell’s metal sheen polished smooth by the ocean sand) he has strapped tightly, all of his most prized things:

An old cocktail umbrella, a bolt, a box, a little bride and groomsman, all bundle up on his shell. A rusted bottle cap, a key, a mossy old engagement ring.

Tethered on a knotty rope and floating a bit above his head, there is a bobbing cork on the end of a fishhook. An underwater upside down anchor, catching the helping drag of the current (it pulls him along, even ever so slightly). 

(A seahorse scoots past, swiming along effortlessly. The small snail’s light bulb eyes look up at the little creature, and dims down longingly…)

The little mechanical snail struggles on and struggles forth, slowly crawling along the ocean floor (he knows this is going to be a long and difficult journey).

Then Suddenly! The sand beneath him shakes and rattles and without warning, a big flat fish rises up, right below him.

The little mechanical snail, now unwittingly perched on the fish’s back, clinks and churns and rattles with fright. The fish lifts the snail right from the ground, and up into the current flowing above them.

Nervously the snail edges this way and that- then sees the flat fish giving him a reassuring wink- and calmly settles in (letting out a little sigh of relief).

And with suitcases and all, the little snail rests a while, as the fast and flat fish carries him happily (born on back)

           rapidly along his underwater journey.

Created: Mar 31, 2014

Tags: snail, underwater, swimming, fiction, journey, prose, story

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