swimming: a prelude, perhaps (swimming collab)

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the old days told of a time in which
people once swam underwater with fish
those days have long past we are barred from the sea
but the world underwater still calls out to me

the repetitive sound of the waves on the shore
beckons to me and to others to come and explore
we answer with hammers and nails and a plan
we will return to the water as soon as we can

we replicate creatures from story and song
in order to look like we truly belong
the image I fashion is that from a tale
of a majestic creature known to me, as a whale

to the shore we cart our nautical feats
the waves take us quickly in a matter of beats
and down we go swimming into an unknown place
unaware of what we will encounter in the mysterious space


I feel like this could be a prelude perhaps to OphirLevy's main video of the whale to give a kind of back story maybe.

Created: Mar 31, 2014

Tags: swimming, prelude

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