Curious World

By Aries407

Curious World

The bird's sweet symphony awakens.
A panther lurks beneath in silence.
The trees rumble with ancient power.
A mist rises from the undergrowth.

A herd of buffalo roam the land.
The land has rejuvenated all.
A wild horse leads his pack to water.
The drums and prayers of the natives cease.

The crops of wheat sway peacefully.
A prairie dog sleeps soundly in the shade.
The broken tractor takes up space.
A door swings open from a tiny house.

A pair of cubs play on a rock.
The trees glisten with falling water drops.
A meerkat searches for fat bugs.
The sound of a stampede approaches fast.

The sand feels soft and cool to the touch.
A roadrunner finds food in holes.
The tortoise carefully eats cacti.
A car drives through without a sound.

The penguins fish for food in icy water.
A coldness that encompasses the land.
The ice breaks from the land and roams the sea.
A new moon sets and rises everywhere.

Curious World

Created: Oct 30, 2009

Tags: Curious World

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