Grecian Prayer

By Aries407

Grecian Prayer

Aphrodite I beckon thee
to wipe these tears off from my face.
The world is being stripped of love
and I cannot save Earth's fading beauty

Zeus I beckon thee
ruler of all and everything supreme.
Get off your throne with all that is serene
and see how all planetary pain currents deadly electricity.

Athena I beckon thee
to fight my silent battle.
I see my fellow women being bought and sold like cattle
and so I wait for your salvation of feminine society.

Poseidon I beckon thee
dry the oceans hiding hatred under water.
Then man can see what they have taught their son or daughter
and apologize to you for their insincerity.

Persephone I beckon thee
to lead me into the brink of Hades.
I sacrifice myself for all of man's atrocities
and then maybe spark power into sacred femininity.

Grecian Prayer

Created: Oct 30, 2009

Tags: Grecian Prayer

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