Life Pattern

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There is a global realization that life is an actual pattern itself there is an unbreakable circle of life that started since day one of the planet and will continue to exist until the end of days when the life pattern of this planet that we are living on will seize to exist. From the smallest bacteria to the tallest mountain on earth from a grain of sand to the simplex of stars in the Milky Way galaxy there is pattern that connects all of us in this universe the pattern of life.

Everything is created is being born it starts to exist, then it grows it expands it develops it multiplies it creates other forms of life, on its own and finally it declines and it dyes it stops to exist. But the thing is that it never ends this lie from just changes to another form of life so you see the pattern there is this unbroken unbeatable circle of life, a life pattern.

For example we come into this world with tears in your eyes but these tears are tears of joy not of sorrow. We learn to speak to write to communicate, we socialize we flirt we meet our other half, we multiply we make new life we help rise it grow develop and then create some life on its own until finally we grow old and die. All these memories these ideas these feelings everything that we are is not seized to exist it is passed on from us to our future descendants so in other words we continue to live through others life does not stop life is energy and energy just changes forms and that according to my thinking is the greatest pattern of all.

Created: Mar 30, 2014


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