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I do not need art

Like I need food

I am often indifferent about eating

My appetite so finicky

Food will rebel against my system

I do not need art

Like I need air

Some days I long for smoke in my lungs

Or my breath betrays me while my heart

Pounds and mind panics

Rather I need art

Like I need water

Life giving liquid in 6-8 glasses a day

Cleansing rain that washes down

Scribbles of chalk and grime

I need it like the canyon needs the river

To shape it to the will of the current

Wear it away to smoothed edges

Revealing layers of beauty deep in the land

I devour, drink, guzzle art 

My body is 60% water

It is so much of who I am that

I cannot live without it

Created: Mar 29, 2014

Tags: needing art, poetry

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