Naked Man on a Friday Night (a reading)

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I've been on an art bender and I thought it would be nice to end this doozy of a month with a reading of "Naked Man on a Friday Night".  Thank you to everyone for being supportive of my birthday-suited writings.  Feels good to share with you all.  Extra extra thanks to AnnMarie57 for sharing what she did! 


post happy hour on a friday

silently pumping gas next to the young manly mayor

I never cut my engine

he is fondling the shit out of his cell phone

I am late again to meet a friend

we are both fucking up


the psychology student at the bar

reasons that men will open up more

if you stand by their side for conversation,

looking outward

A drive together, a walk perhaps

face-to-face only triggers ancient threatened states

the mayor and I did seem to be adjacently bonding more and more

with each dollar we pumped of the blood oil


I don’t hide my pleasure

in the company of the woman at the bar

I do excuse my self and my smile for the rest room

the psychology men are lined up at the public urinals

nakeding and draining their cocks

making noise from quieting their thoughts

staring straight ahead to keep the peace

sneaking peeks of each other’s grotesque manhood


I zero out my face at the mirror

and re-enter the bar

unknowing that my night has already peaked

the ratio of thoughts on freedom vs. thoughts on bank account

closing in on itself


I arrive home safe and naked under my covers

I go to bed a single white man in his early thirties

knowing that somewhere



there is a dangerously intoxicated and exposed pledge

running around in a fraternity house basement

being hosed down by his shitty brothers


there is a family deciding how to dress

their dearly departed pappy


there is a baby boy being born

into a world that will waste no time

clothing him in shame

Created: Mar 29, 2014

Tags: naked, naked man, reading, theboxsets, annmarie57

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