My Thoughts (Volume 1)

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Okay, where should I start?

Cliche much.

…at the beginning I guess. That is always a good place to start right?

Come on. You're better than this.

So I was born and raised in a small coutry town. Like a tiny country town.

...But size doesn't matter right?

Oh god I said that out loud. Who says penis jokes in an introduction? Dammit get your head in the game.

My home town had about 400 people. Well 393 if you don't include my family.

Huh, that bit was kinda cute... maybe we can keep that going

So it was my parents, me, my two older sisters and my grandparents. ..Not all sharing a house - that would be cramped! ...Well, really I guess we didn't even have a house. Just an old shed with beds and stuff in it.

Don't admit that?!

I mean it wasn't that bad. It was cosy. Mum and dad worked hard to make it a home. Dad built walls and rooms. You know, the structural stuff. And Mum furnished and organised it. They both filled it with love. We always had everything we needed.

Nice save.

...well except a toilet. We had an outdoor toilet till I was 12.

Why must you ruin things.

Created: Mar 29, 2014


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