We Don't Need To Whisper (10MWC)

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This title is a great motto for hitRECord.


It's also the name of Angels & Airwaves first album.


They are probably my favourite famous music artist. Not most important; that would be Emiliana Torrini, the Icelandic songbird; but A&A would probably be my fav. They are unashamably poppy and positive. If you are only into Radiohead type of stuff then A&A won't be for you. It's most definitely for glass half full people even if some would consider it a little fake.


A&A is unashamably pro LOVE. In fact that was the name of their third album; a double CD that is simply epic.


To my biased ears anyhoo!


I've been a big fan since about '07 now, and have seen them twice live. The band was formed by Tom Delonge, one of the guys from the more famous Blink 182 (I don't like the punk stuff anywhere near as much) as his side project, though it's taken over to be his main gig, and I'm thankful for that. Many would consider Tom to be an arrogant fuckwit, but I think he's matured into something rather powerfully positive. As he says, A&A isn't just a band. It's an idea. It's a movement. So I suppose that it's like a cult even, as with many bands it has its crazy fans.


One of which is I :)


Tom really struggles to sing live nowadays, but I don't feel as if that detracts too much from the live experience. It was still awesome to me, especially the one where my brother also went with me. That was a nice brotherly 'love' experience.


A&A are stadium rock I suppose. They have a very atmospheric sound, and just play the best songs to make you feel alive and want to take on the world! Songs like, The Flight Of Apollo (in my not so humble opinion possibly the best song of all time!), Start The Machine, Shove, Hallucinations and A Call To Arms are just super dooper indeedy. Maybe give them a try. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover the angels in your airwaves.

Created: Mar 29, 2014

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