The River (Draft 2)

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When we arrived in the forest there wasn't time to go over what had just happened, what with all the other pairs arriving and the creeping things approaching fast.

Zayn wasn't as fast as Tom but he was smart and between us we managed to delay them long enough for us to get to the river first. I'd be lying if I said the commotion we left behind bothered me. I think now is the first time I've thought about it.

I didn't let on to Zayn that I'd met the Boatman before; I don't see how it would have helped.

Tom had been stronger than Zayn, the only person I'd seen take on a creeping thing and tell the tale. He was impulsive though, just like those two skulkers in the bushes.

The Boatman needed to get to the other side but he had a Malady with him and his boat wasn't big enough to carry both of them at the same time. It could carry two children though which is where we came in.

When they heard the boat could carry them both the skulkers were in it and off. Zayn got all agitated, what with the creeping things now making headway, but I'd been here before with Tom and I knew that look in the Boatman's eye.

After we’d unloaded what remained of the bodies it was our turn. I did actually think about telling Zayn about the Malady's ways but I don't think he would have heard me.

It would take thirteen trips to get everyone to the other side - if anyone says they can do it in less don't believe them.

We left Zayn in the boat and headed east.

Created: Mar 28, 2014

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