Invisible Gal (Remix) TEST

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This is only a test take, my girlfriend is going to do the missing line in the middle hopefully =)

-LYRICS ( Originally by Michal, modified by me )-

I soon began dating an invisible gal.

My mother and father were surely not proud.

She sent me a inbox, translucent and white

And she said, "I am here, only out of your sight."

We went strolling along in the bright boardwalk sun

She gave me a phone call i'd invisibly won.

Oh, the hours I spent, as our courtship progressed

With my Mother and Father and our "is-she-there?" guest.

And slowly (but quickly) with a happiness so loud

I realized I loved the invisible gal

So one night, I feigned a farewell to my folks

And crept to my room to talk with her, and joke

And I didn't cry out, but I kissed her instead

When I felt the invisible gal in my bed.

And she kissed me right back, put her hands to my form

Unseen, but so beautifully, wonderfully warm.

But then-- such an awful confession to make!

It was then that I made my most mournful mistake.

As we lay there entwined in our twilight embrace,

I said, "Darling, I wish i could kiss your real face." Though I meant no offence and had no ill-intent,

The most meaningful of meanings are often not meant.

--So if you should meet, in your paths wide and free

A Gal, or a guy, you can sense, but not see--

Perhaps try telling the Web, that they reside in

Would you, oh, would you please tell them... YOU love them?

SORRY about my singing voice, im working on it! 0_0

Created: Mar 28, 2014

Tags: voice over, sound effect, guitar, synth, vocal, narration, piano, song, rock, live show

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