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“The" Mystic Knight, the hero of the time of divine light delivered a letter to you?

Does this have anything to do with generals Craven and Wildfire?” Obraium asked with a mixture of anger and confusion on his face.

“Yes, it appears that they are in need of you. From what the Mystic Knight told me, they just got a whole lot more desperate.” Dr. Wizard said. “Obraium sat at the head chair of the table that was closest to the piano.

His face was stern and clearly agitated.”

“So, Dragon has risen once more. How many times must I destroy him? How many times must
I banish his dark spirit to the depths of the all the blackness. This war is beginning to annoy me to the bone.
How many times is it, that I've eradicated any chance of his master's return. Have they any idea where he may be?” Obraium said with a sour taste in his mouth. “No, he could be anywhere at anytime.
There's no telling when he'll strike. Or even what he plans to do this time.

By the way, General Wildfire has been hoping that you might convince Sizarae to reconsider.

The High Command keep bothering him and his family about it.
They desperately want that artifact that could change the tide.
I've told them that it's not something you can do.

That they'll just have to make do with what is at their disposal. Hopefully they'll listen to you.
But that's none of my concern. My only reason I've come here. Is to tell you, so that you may inform them.
I wash my hands of this business. I am no longer a general, I am just the good Dr. Wizard.

I hope that you will understand my reasons for no longer involving myself in this war.” Dr. Wizard said
“Of course Robert, I will deal with the High Command. Hopefully, it won't belong before I can find a solution to end this brutal war between good and evil. Go and live in peace my friend. If you ever need of me, you know how to contact me. Now onto my work, I go. “Me ad imperium, In nomine magia fiat.”

He is instantly teleported to the High Command Tower of SongBird.
Where he is greeted by all the officers and generals in the High Command. Sitting on his throne,
is the High Lord of Crystal Court Hitirous. Obraium bows to him, but Hitirous tells him
he need not ever bow to him. Then once everyone is gathered. Obraium is allowed to speak first.”

“Thank you, your High Lord Hitirous. First it is best you all know, that Dr. Wizard is no longer in this war.

He wishes to left out of the matter. Now I am here, to make myself very clear.
Sizarae cannot and will not relinquish the artifact that might end this awful war.
It is because, he and he alone is the guardian of light, and will only bestow such
a weapon to whoever he feels is worthy to wield such a great power.
It will be long after our time, that he will make his decision.
Trust in the Gods, trust in each other, and above all.
Trust that what we do is for the greater good of all mankind.

Now, you of the High Command will trouble General Braddock Wildfire and his kin no more.
He cannot persuade me or Traveon himself to give you that weapon. I advise you to turn all your efforts onto the search for Dragon.

He and his minions of evil are the higher priority that should be dealt with extreme measures. If they are not found and stopped, then all your lives and the lives of generations to come will be forced to live in a terror that there is no hiding from. I know that it is near impossible to find any of his minions lurking about. It's because they are beating you at being clever. They are laughing at you, whilst you give them time to have their master's lord be reborn. That must never come to pass. That is all I have to say.” Obraium in a fury of anger and bitterness.
He then teleports back to his home.

He is preparing for the ritual for Maria. He is at the ready, but now he tries to keep Dregone out of his mind.
All he can think of is that Dragon was once again being a spawn of chaos. He is out to make his campaign against all the worlds, to free his master. Thankfully this was a task easier said than done.
Obraium knew well enough, that he would find a way to stop Dragon.
If there were one man that could stop him,
it would be Obraium Alexander Dewinter, the great Sorcerer Supreme.”

Created: Mar 28, 2014

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